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On this page you will find useful information related to the maintenance, benefits, and breakdown of our C-Matt™ product line, along with relevant information related to pressure injury preventative surfaces, medical and healthcare manufacturing news, and some stories highlighting Casco’s innovative work that paves the way forward.

NPUAP Changes Name to NPIAP

National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) announced on Friday that it has changed its name to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP). 

Cleaning Instructions

To ensure the safety of both the current patient, and the next patient, each surface must be cleaned correctly and thoroughly, otherwise patients may be compromised by germs/threats that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. By following the instructions we have provided here on our resource page, you can ensure your patients’ and caregivers’ safety.

Casco Wheelchair Pad Testimonial

We are very excited to share with you a testimonial video featuring our new Casco Prevention Wheelchair cushion and how it has positively impacted the lives of individuals.

Casco C-Matt Mattress Line

Follow the link to view a video breaking down our C-Matt™ line of prevention surfaces, the preventative quality of the materials we use, the various comfort, care, and safety benefits they provide patients during use, and how each mattress improves patient outcomes through the promotion of healing and the prevention of further pressure injuries.

Support Surface Standards Initiative (S3I) Resources

Casco Manufacturing Solutions is a member of the Support Surface Standards Initiative.  Here you will find resources related to the Initiative.

CASCO Finds a Solution for a Valued Customer

Cynthia C., an HCA member from Missouri and current customer, was inquiring regarding an issue her facility’s emergency department transport staff had been experiencing regarding the transfer of patients off of our polyurethane surface.

CASCO's Staticare Mattress

CASCO Provides Replacement Mattresses to Texas Medical Facility

Tricia R., a Supply Chain Director at a medical facility in Texas, was in the market for replacement mattresses, as her facility was looking to replace mattresses on a routine basis.

Shelly Byington

Five Traits of a Mattress that Promotes Patient Healing

Shelly Byington, R.N.WCC, Clinical Operations Director at Casco Manufacturing Solutions appeared in an article published by Healthcare Business Today titled– Is Your Patient’s Mattress Healing Pressure Injuries—or Creating Them?

Healthtrust – Memphis Hospital

One of our GPO partners, Healthtrust, acquired a new Hospital in Memphis, TN. The hospital was already in negotiations with a mattress company who was not on the new GPO’s vendor contract list. The Healthtrust account manager called us and asked if we could hold a product review meeting in Memphis over the next couple days. She wanted us to present a mattress we produce that meets the same standards as other mattresses the hospital was currently evaluating.

C-Matt Staticare Testimonial by Lori Kaplan

Lori, a young woman suffering from critical health issues, developed a number of pressure wound injuries while staying in the hospital and using a top-of-the-line medical mattress. Upon returning home, Lori began to utilize a Casco C-Matt™ Staticare Mattress that was customized to accommodate her needs. Lori has experienced tremendous recovery that medical professionals attribute directly to her Casco C-Matt™ Staticare Mattress.

Hear her story first hand, here:

Sandy Crawford and Shelly Byington

C-Matt Prevention Plus Testimonial by Sandy Crawford

Sandy Crawford, after being passed around by various medical facilities, developed a diabetic ulcer that was unable to heal. Relying on numerous medical apparatuses that did not properly work in unison, Sandy opted to use a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress. After making the switch to a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress, Sandy’s wound began to heal rapidly.

The only change to Sandy’s routine was switching to a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress, here you can hear his story:

Mattress Product Warranty/Manual

Our quality products are expertly produced at competitive prices, making your return on investment worthwhile.

FDA Safety Communication: Damaged and Worn Covers

As far back as 2013, even the FDA recognized that damaged covers of mattresses and stretcher pads would lead to contamination and infection.

In the attached article, the FDA covers what happens to the overall mattress when a cover gets damaged and how to monitor it. Infections that result from damaged and poorly maintained mattress are a grave issue. They must be taken seriously.