Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Everything starts with a piece of fabric.
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Casco Manufacturing Solutions Creates custom products just the way you want them – it all starts with a piece of fabric.

With Casco, your ideas become reality. Suppose you have a novel idea for a new product made from fabric. Or maybe you need a special upholstered product that is custom made to meet your specifications.

At Casco, we partner with you and your company to make it happen. We offer custom manufacturing solutions, along with exceptional service and value.

Who We Are

Casco Manufacturing Solutions is a third generation, family-owned company with over 50 years of innovative manufacturing experience. We are:

  • Certified as a woman-owned business and a woman-owned small business
  • Registered with the FDA
  • A member of several group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
  • The selected manufacturer of several large contracts for US based companies

Registration #1528695

What we do for you

Using top quality fabrics and foam – along with innovative sewing and sealing methods – we custom design and manufacture exceptional soft goods.

“Custom” is the key word. We make your product just the way you want, in any size and shape you want. And we’re happy to work with you in research, development and product testing as well.

What we manufacture

We custom create durable fabric products – whatever you need – including:

  • High quality comfort mattresses
  • Mattresses that prevent skin ulcers
  • Mattress covers (waterproof and bedbug-proof)
  • Crib mattresses for specialty care
  • Cost-saving replacement mattresses and parts
  • Durable bed sheets
  • Stretcher cushions and pads
  • Wheelchair cushions and pads
  • Vest panels for commercial truck seat belts
  • Upholstered stools for exam rooms
  • Heavy duty protective covers for grills and patio furniture
  • Military gear
  • Equestrian products

Who we serve

We manufacture products for customers in a wide variety of well-respected businesses and organizations, including:

  • Government (US Navy, US Army, Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Healthcare institutions (acute care hospitals, ambulatory clinics, long-term care facilities and home care)
  • Behavioral and correctional facilities
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Firefighters
  • Camps
  • Dormitories
  • Homeless shelters
  • Outdoor recreation companies
  • Individual Entrepreneurs

Proudly Made in America with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques

You take great pride in your work, and so do we. Everything we manufacture for you will be made in the USA, with high quality materials and innovative techniques.

  • Traditional and high-speed, Computerized Sewing
  • Ultrasonic Welding to create a watertight seal
  • Radiofrequency Sealing to create a strong bond and prevent contamination
  • Computerized Fabric Cutting to reduce fabric waste and cost
  • Traditional manufacturing techniques such as upholstery, embossing, silk screening, wood fabrication, in-house tooling and dies for our manufacturing equipment

We also offer simple to complex assembly, packaging and drop shipping

Watch a video

to see why Alli Truttmann, CEO and founder of Wicked Sheets, chose to partner with Casco. Her successful e-commerce company, based in Louisville, KY, offers comfort sleep products for people who suffer from hot flashes.

We’re always up for a challenge

If you need a soft product to fill an unusual need or fit a certain dimension, we’ll find a solution.

Case Study: A critical safety solution for Navy submarines


The U.S. Navy needed a safer way to distribute lithium hydroxide (LiOH) crystals in the event of a submarine power failure. When a sub fails, the air support system may also fail. At the time, their emergency response was to sprinkle LiOH crystals on the floor of the vessel to cleanse the air and provide oxygen (LiOH converts carbon dioxide into oxygen). The crystals are caustic and will burn human skin, so this process was not safe for submarine personnel.


To solve this critical problem, Casco partnered with Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization. Together, Battelle and Casco chose a breathable material and a custom sealing solution to produce a curtain-shaped pouch to hold the LiOH crystals. In the event of a power failure, crew members open the curtain and pour LiOH crystals into the sealed channels. The channels prevent the crystals from coming in contact with anyone, but the breathable fabric allows the chemical reaction to take place (to cleanse the air and provide oxygen). To keep the floor space safe and passable, the crew attaches the curtain to the wall using simple wire ties. Casco is pleased to produce these quality safety curtains for the Navy.

Case Study: Casco refreshes old operating table with custom replacement pad



One of our Healthcare Facilities in the Philadelphia area had an OR table which was desperate for a new pad. Unfortunately, no one could identify the table.



We asked the operating room nurse to trace the old pad and send it to us. With that information and some strategic questions, we were able to make the perfect operating room table pad. The nurse was thrilled, and we were happy to help.

“For a year, we looked for a company to make a Dornier lithotripter OR pad without any results. Our biomed engineer suggested we contact Casco Manufacturing. We took a template of our old pad for them to provide a quote. Casco was able to provide us with a pad that more than met our needs. After we put it into the OR suite, the staff was delighted to have a new pad with such great quality. I’d highly recommend Casco to hospitals as a solution for any special needs they may have.”

Dawn P., Philadelphia

Case Study: Meeting high-end and middle market needs in outdoor covers


Years ago, when CASCO started making custom grill covers for exclusive grill manufacturers, we realized that there was a large untouched middle market, filled with consumers who simply wanted to protect their grill investment. Although the grill didn’t cost thousands like the high-end stainless steel version, it was still a valued investment. Customers wanted a cover to protect their grills.


We decided to conduct consumer focus groups to identify important cover features. We then incorporated those product ideas and developed a line of durable, universal fit grill covers – just what the middle market customer wants. We have expanded the line to include fire pit, furniture, and log rack covers. Customers choose Casco outdoor covers due to the quality craftsmanship and product warranty. With CASCO outdoor covers, customers know they will enjoy their outdoor living space for years to come.

“Recently, I bought a new Napoleon gas grill. The Casco Premium Ultra cover from my old Weber Genesis did not fit the new grill. However, it still looked like new after at least ten or eleven years. (We keep the grill out all winter and grill at least once a week.) The long life of the Casco cover inspired me to seek out Casco to get a cover for the new grill. The new cover has attachments to secure it on the new grill. …It’s a durable fabric to last year round in all elements…I will recommend Casco to all my friends for their grill covers.”

Joe Briski, Coldwater, OH

To see how Casco can help you create a custom product, watch our videos:

And for more information, please contact: Chase Seifert by phone at 513-681-0003 ext. 218 or by email at