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Custom Manufacturing

Casco is a leader in made-to-order custom manufacturing. Over the course of numerous decades, Casco has established itself as the go-to soft goods manufacturer for many industries through its emphasis on the customer experience, efficient manufacturing practices and thorough attention to detail. Casco also works with individuals looking for a reliable and dedicated manufacturing partner. All of Casco’s customers, large and small, have shown appreciation for our team’s flexibility, exceptional service, and personalized solution offerings.

Have a challenge with a product made of fabric? Casco has a solution.

Client Success Stories

Custom Chute for Ice Hopper

Modern Ice, a Cincinnati-based ice equipment merchandiser, was looking for a product that could keep both its employees and consumers safe. The problem that Modern Ice was facing was two-fold: first, if the hopper used to package ice totally filled up, ice could fall on the floor, thus making the floor wet and creating a safety hazard for those packaging the ice. Second, if the hopper was not covered, contaminants could get into it, resulting in contaminated ice that could reach consumers.

Custom Seat Belt Harness System for Horton Emergency Vehicles

Casco worked with the Horton team to identify the appropriate fabric based on their needs, silk-screening, and the development of the final product. As a result, not only was Horton Emergency Vehicles thrilled with the final HOPS product in terms of both quality and safety provided, but also decided to continue to work with Casco for year over year production.


Watch how the people of Casco Manufacturing Solutions combine quality, on-time delivery and experience to meet any custom manufacturing need in any market segment. If it starts with fabric, Casco’s unmatched capabilities bring solutions to life.

Tessie Ganzsarto, president of Alternate Solutions Health Network, talks about why she chose to serve on Casco’s advisory board and why she believes in the company and the products they deliver.