Superior Soft Medical Surfaces Help Prevent Pressure Injury Wounds

People who are confined to bed or a wheelchair for extended periods may be at risk of developing pressure injuries, commonly referred to as “bedsores.” These injuries can lead to infection and other risks that can jeopardize health and increase cost of care.

As an expert in soft surfaces for healthcare, Casco Manufacturing Solutions offers a full line of high-performing pressure redistribution mattresses that help prevent the development of pressure injure wounds and promote healing of existing ones.

The Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Mattress offerings include Prevention, Prevention Plus and StatiCare mattresses:

  1. The Prevention Mattress is designed for pressure wound prevention and patient comfort. It features:
    • a breathable, bi-directional stretch fabric that is fully RF welded to prevent fluid ingress.
    • a multi-zoned foam core for anatomically dependent pressure redistribution
    • a shear liner for patient comfort
  2. Prevention Plus includes all the features of the Prevention Mattress, along with a unique convoluted foam topper for added comfort and a sloped heel section. The sloped design reduces the need for adjunctive heel suspension devices.
  3. The StatiCare Mattress includes all the features of Prevention Plus, as well as interconnected air cells for even, quiet, non-powered pressure redistribution. It delivers dynamic response to patient movement, so requires no electricity.

In this video, wound care expert RN WCC, Shelly Byington, provides additional information about the Casco C-Matt™ line of Prevention mattresses. The video highlights the preventative quality of the materials, along with the various benefits the mattresses offer for patient comfort, care, and safety. Watch and learn how each mattress improves patient outcomes by promoting healing and preventing development of further pressure injuries.