Lori, a young woman suffering from critical health issues, developed a number of pressure wound injuries while staying in the hospital, using a top-of-the-line medical mattress. 

Upon returning home, Lori began to utilize a CASCO Staticare mattress — customized to accommodate her needs. Lori was able to be comfortable when sleeping and the mattress helped with her pressure wound recovery. After 9 weeks of using the mattress, one of Lori’s pressure wounds completely healed. Lori’s other pressure wound decreased in width, length, and depth in 18 weeks, while using the Staticare mattress. 

Lori’s doctor had this to say about Lori’s recovery:

“Lori’s progress has been outstanding. I have no doubt her mattress helped overcome factors that contribute to delayed healing, such as pressure, moisture and heat related-skin breakdown and infection.”  -Bryan Adkins, MD

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