Five Traits of a Mattress that Promotes Patient Healing

Casco has always been an innovator in soft goods manufacturing, holding the patent for the waterfall zipper innovation.  Furthermore, working with Shelly Byington has resulted in recommendations that help us continually improve the high quality of our mattress, stretcher pad and wheelchair pad lines.
Shelly Byington, R.N.WCC, Clinical Operations Director at Casco Manufacturing Solutions has worked with Casco for the past three years to help the soft goods manufacturer innovate and improve its line of C-Matt™ health care and institutional mattresses.
In an article published by Healthcare Business Today titled “Is Your Patient’s Mattress Healing Pressure Injuries—or Creating Them?”, Shelly states, “The very best quality mattresses are FDA-registered. Patient comfort, safety, infection control, and easy cleaning and maintenance are crucial to improving the comfort of these patients and speeding their recovery time.”
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Is Your Patient’s Mattress Healing Pressure Injuries—or Creating Them?