One of our GPO partners, Healthtrust, acquired a new Hospital in Memphis, TN. The hospital was already in negotiations with a mattress company who was not on the new GPO’s vendor contract list. The Healthtrust account manager called us and asked if we could hold a product review meeting in Memphis over the next couple days. She wanted us to present a mattress we produce that meets the same standards as other mattresses the hospital was currently evaluating.


Even with the request coming at a time when much of our team was already traveling, we said absolutely. Within four days, a product review panel convened at the hospital. Two Casco employees drove to Memphis along with our C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress, which was to be reviewed by the panel. The meeting lasted three hours and allowed time for us to provide fabric training to the panel staff. After all was said and done, we were able to provide a superior product and save the hospital $23,000.

CASCO Manufacturing Solutions is treating the COVID-19 virus very seriously. Its impact on our customers and the people they serve, as well as on our employees and families is likely to continue for months to come. We’ve now launched a line of PPE to assist in the continued fight against COVID-19.See PPE Products Here
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