CASCO Finds a Solution for a Valued Customer

Casco Manufacturing serves the healthcare industry with soft medical surfaces that provide all the benefits and quality of brand name products at a significantly lower cost. As a custom manufacturer, Casco also has the flexibility to design innovative products that meet unique needs healthcare professionals encounter ranging from worker safety to patient experience.

One such custom request came from Cynthia C., who is a supervisor for the emergency department of a longtime Casco hospital customer in the HCA Healthcare network. Cynthia contacted Nancy Barnes, the Casco National Healthcare Sales Manager regarding a need to reduce potential risk for injury among the emergency department transport staff when they moved patients off standard stretcher mattresses.

Transferring patients in the emergency department off a stretcher mattress with the usual polyurethane surface may involve lifting that can result in muscle and joint strain and potentially avoidable workplace injuries among the transport and nursing staff. Cynthia enlisted Nancy’s assistance in finding a solution that would facilitate patient transfers from the stretcher mattresses to other medical treatment surfaces.

Collaborating with the Casco Product Development team, Nancy presented Cynthia with a custom solution for stretcher mattresses for her location. The solution utilized a conductive fabric that requires significantly less lifting for the emergency department transport team when they transfer patients.

This custom solution was a perfect answer for the problem the customer had been experiencing. Custom solutions are part of the daily routine at Casco.