Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Wheelchair Cushion

We are very excited to share with you a testimonial video featuring our new Casco Prevention Wheelchair cushion and how it has positively impacted the lives of individuals.

Product Development and Innovation for Custom Product Needs

We recently received a testimonial from one of those individuals that underscores the emphasis Casco puts on quality materials and expert workmanship.

Business Relationship with CEO Judy Brandt

We have built connections with CEOs like Judy Brandt, who help small companies like Casco work with bigger corporations and get federal contracts. This is what she had to say about Casco:

“Federal buyers who need top quality, mission-critical products when lives are on the line depend on Casco Manufacturing Solutions. Their federal team has worked to develop the contracting vehicles, technical expertise, and collaborative development skills that government buyers rely on. By working with Summit Insight to build their government business savvy, Casco has turned that investment into an enduring commitment to provide federal customers with fast, easy ways to get best value products and top-notch service.”

-Judy Brandt, CEO Summit Insight LLC

Wicked Sheets

See why Alli Truttmann, CEO and founder of Wicked Sheets, chose to partner with Casco. Her successful e-commerce company, based in Louisville, KY, offers comfort sleep products for people who suffer from hot flashes.

Community Organization Partnership with Casco Serves Clients

See how Casco helped Talbert House work within a budget to provide safe, high quality mattresses for its residents. The Talbert House – a respected, non-profit organization in Cincinnati – serves adults, children and families who have addictions, mental illness or legal troubles.

C-Matt Staticare Testimonial by Lori Kaplan

Lori, a young woman suffering from critical health issues, developed a number of pressure wound injuries while staying in the hospital and using a top-of-the-line medical mattress. Upon returning home, Lori began to utilize a Casco C-Matt™ Staticare Mattress that was customized to accommodate her needs. Lori has experienced tremendous recovery that medical professionals attribute directly to her Casco C-Matt™ Staticare Mattress.

Hear her story first hand, here:

Sandy Crawford and Shelly Byington

C-Matt Prevention Plus Testimonial by Sandy Crawford

Sandy Crawford, after being passed around by various medical facilities, developed a diabetic ulcer that was unable to heal. Relying on numerous medical apparatuses that did not properly work in unison, Sandy opted to use a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress. After making the switch to a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress, Sandy’s wound began to heal rapidly.

The only change to Sandy’s routine was switching to a Casco C-Matt™ Prevention Plus Mattress, here you can hear his story: