Custom manufacturing capabilities can be a challenge to find in the United States. Casco’s strengths include product development and innovation resources that enable us to collaborate with customers to design and manufacture products that fit their unique needs and environment.

With this, Casco Manufacturing Solutions is able to work with companies of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations, and even individuals seeking a one-of-a-kind product.

We recently received a testimonial from one of those individuals that underscores the emphasis Casco puts on quality materials and expert workmanship.

Piano Bench Cushion

In the 1980’s Casco received a request for a piano bench cushion from a woman living Louisville, Kentucky. Recently, her son reached out to inform us that the cushion had finally given out – in January 2022!  He related that his mother had been a piano teacher, so that cushion had accommodated the teacher and her students almost daily for over forty years.

It was gratifying to hear the Casco piano bench cushion served to support music education and appreciation for so many students.  And it was rewarding to receive such a testament to the quality and durability of Casco products.

The gentlemen offered complimentary and encouraging words, saying that if our medical products were of such great quality as the piano bench cushion, he wouldn’t be surprised to find that we were still around after another 40 years!