Talbert House, a local organization that focuses on helping all members of the community, needed new mattresses that would be comfortable, safe, bedbug-proof, and easy to clean. Terry Smith, Operational Supervisor of Talbert House, contacted Casco to help.

Casco created new mattresses to meet the specific needs of Talbert House. For the safety of residents and workers, the mattresses are specially sealed to help prevent bedbugs and fluid penetration. For comfort and efficiency, the mattresses feature an integrated pillow and a durable, easy-to-clean cover. Casco’s institutional mattress will provide a safe, comfortable place for people to rest for many years to come.

“We purchase mattresses from Casco, and they meet all our safety requirements…The value of the product is excellent…You want a company that’s going to address your needs…and one that’s going to deliver you the very best value for your investment. And Casco has done that for us.”

Terry Smith, Operational Supervisor, Talbert House