Fun Project for Modern Ice

Modern Ice, a Cincinnati-based ice equipment merchandiser, was looking for a product that could keep both its employees and consumers safe. The problem that Modern Ice was facing was two-fold: first, if the hopper used to package ice totally filled up, ice could fall on the floor, thus making the floor wet and creating a safety hazard for those packaging the ice. Second, if the hopper was not covered, contaminants could get into it, resulting in contaminated ice that could reach consumers. Casco’s solution to this unique problem was to create a chute – made from FDA approved food-grade material – to completely encircle and cover the space around the top opening of the hopper. Rod Proctor of Modern Ice had the following to say about working with Casco: “It was a pleasure to work with Casco. They were friendly and provided quick, creative ideas that made each step of the process easy. They did not hesitate to come to our facility in order to fully understand the problem we were facing.”

We at Casco enjoyed this project, as it gave us the opportunity to work with a material we would not otherwise use, and allowed us to apply and expand our custom manufacturing expertise.

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