Horton Emergency Vehicles, a company located in Grove City, Ohio, approached Casco for our custom manufacturing services, because they saw their four pillars – customization, innovation, quality, and safety – in us. They wanted to ensure that we did not just pay lip service to their quality standard, but actually lived them. At the time of the design meeting, we discussed Horton’s new style of seat belt harness system called HOPS. Casco worked with the Horton team to identify the appropriate fabric based on their needs, silk-screening, and the development of the final product. As a result, not only was Horton Emergency Vehicles thrilled with the final HOPS product in terms of both quality and safety provided, but also decided to continue to work with Casco for year over year production. Additionally, this year we are working with Horton to develop the next generation of seat belt harnesses. Horton Emergency Vehicles uses the saying “You have a calling, we have an answer.” I would like to think that Casco also echoes this sentiment to our current and future customers.