Casco was founded in 1959 as the Cincinnati Auto Seat Cover Company– a family-owned business specializing in custom automobile seat covers and floor mats. With the introduction of more durable synthetic fabrics in the late 1970s, Cincinnati Auto Seat Cover Company expanded production to include medical cart covers, medical pads and specialty wheelchair cushions. In 1981, the name was changed to the acronym Casco Products, Inc. as the company no longer produced seat covers. Casco acquired equipment for radio frequency sealing and began a long standing manufacturing relationship with the largest hospital bed company in the world.

The current CEO, Melissa Mangold, joined Casco in 1990. When her father decided it was time to retire, she assumed the CEO roll in 2002. The company was renamed Casco Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. to better reflect the company’s identity as a contract manufacturing partner for a variety of markets.

Today, Casco still specializes in cutting, sealing, and sewing OEM manufacturing – making top quality products for the industry leaders. Casco also offers the same quality products directly to the consumer in the HealthCare, Outdoor Covers, Government Contracts, and Institutional markets. We are fully equipped to cut, sew, seal, assemble, and run logistics like warehousing and shipping. We regularly reconfigure our shop floor to meet the changing needs of clients.

Casco’s Mission

Our mission is to be a differentiated provider of superior quality products across a variety of market segments including healthcare, government, and private label contracting of sewn, sealed, and upholstered products. As professionals committed to quality products and service excellence, we will deliver our products so as to create added value and price accordingly. Casco’s philosophy encourages continued improvement, employee success, and excellent customer service.


Casco Provides Manufacturing Value

We seek to provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for the customer and the company by changing the lives of the customer, those who they service and the employees we serve. We achieve this through five pillars of excellence:

  • Customer experience protocol focusing on the philosophy that every customer is important.
    • The customer is always right.
    • Retain all our existing customers as we grow.
    • A customer experienced representative greets all calls.
    • Customer satisfaction is important to us; therefore we regularly call each customer after delivery of his or her order.
  • Buying direct from the manufacturer allows customization and product enhancements, which in turn allow for alternative solutions to problems in the field. We have on staff clinical experts to help create these solutions.
  • In recognizing the financial challenge of customers, we offer a wide array of products at varying price points, meeting the unique clinical needs of each customer.
  • Dedication to quality excellence is engrained in all that we do. It is not enough to follow our quality systems; we live it each day through our people, products and facility. We accomplish this with our Continuous Improvement Program, Job Well Done Program, Management Reviews, and Internal Audits.
  • We believe in competency based education to understand why you select certain products, through:
    • “Webinars”
    • Lunch and learns
    • Customized on-site workshops
    • And available continuing education credits

Flexible Manufacturing – Made in America

Casco remains a third generation family-owned company, proudly made in the USA and dedicated to a customer-focused, tailored approach to contract manufacturing. Contact Casco Manufacturing today to learn how we are utilizing decades of manufacturing experience for the sake of our clients, making high-quality goods, and responding to our customers’ needs.