Melissa Mangold, President and CEO of Casco Manufacturing Solutions

Casco Manufacturing Solutions Ready to Help U.S. with Essential Medical Soft Goods

Cincinnati soft goods manufacturer creates healthcare mattresses, mattress covers

Casco Manufacturing Solutions of Cincinnati has the capability to help the nation by supplying needed medical soft goods during the pandemic, says CEO Melissa Mangold.

And while Casco is a small shop with 40 employees, it is one of only a handful of soft goods manufacturers left in the U.S. today. It also has the capability to ramp up production and deliver finished products within a few days.

“If it involves a piece of fabric, we can make it,” said Mangold. “I hear in the news that we’ll need additional ICU units across the country. We can’t make ventilators, but we 1 can supply all the soft goods for those additional beds and deliver it to healthcare facilities.”

Casco can also manufacture personal protective gear for healthcare workers, such as gowns and booties, as well as provide its usual line of mattresses, replacement covers, stretcher pads, OR table pads—all the soft goods needed to outfit an ICU bed, said Mangold.

Casco continues to fill customer orders during the pandemic and can supply hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities, as well as individual orders. Large orders can be delivered within a few days, and smaller orders can be drop-shipped.

The 60-year-old, woman-owned business has in place stringent cleaning and washing procedures for both its industrial sewing machine operators and front office employees. It follows the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and local boards of health guidelines on how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“At Casco, we are a family, and in that spirit of love and helping others, we go to work every day knowing we’re improving the comfort of health-impaired people who need our products,” said Mangold.

Team members are encouraged to closely monitor their health and well-being, and are asked to stay at home if they, or someone in their household becomes ill. The company has also suspended business air travel for team members through April 30 and is recommending virtual meetings and conference calls in place of face-to-face meetings.

“We’ve impressed upon our employees the current state of emergency and they understand the CDC’s recommendations regarding proper hand-washing techniques and adequately sanitized surfaces,” added Mangold. “We know how urgent it is that we supply the nation for a possible surge in COVID-19 cases. But we’re also extremely proud of our work and want healthcare supply organizations to know we are here and ready to be of service,”

Casco is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in cutting, sealing, and sewing top-quality products for soft goods industry leaders. It manufactures its own C-Matt™ hospital line of mattresses and covers, and the Casco Prevention Plus Pad, a wheelchair pad designed to help eliminate “hot spots” for wheelchair patients to prevent, as well as heal pressure injuries.

For more information about Casco Manufacturing Solutions products, visit or call Casco general manager Jeff Hummeldorf at (513) 681-0003.

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