The employees at Casco looked for a local charity to which they could make a donation in 2018. In order to ensure that the donation was a sizeable one, the donation was gathered over the course of the calendar year.

The Casco team wanted to make a donation to a charitable organization that we felt made a real, tangible difference in the lives of those it serves. Ultimately, we opted for the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House, which aims to improve the health and well-being of children and their families by working to find programs that provide medical care to the children, all while helping the families become more involved during the care process. As Casco is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures products intended for the healthcare field, the Ronald McDonald House’s mission is one that we whole-heartedly support and believe in.

We decided that the best way to donate was through the collection of pull-tabs from aluminum soda cans. To make it more fun for everyone, we held a contest between the plant and the office employees – whoever had the most by the 2018 Christmas holiday would win a special T-shirt commemorating the event. For the longest time it appeared that the office was going to win, as they had quite a large amount of tabs, however, one plant employee, Liz Boyer, came through in the clutch, with a big bag of tabs she had been collecting – securing the plant’s win over the office.