Casco’s History of Giving Back

Casco Manufacturing Solutions has always sought out ways to be a good corporate citizen that strived to improve the community it resides. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, Casco held an annual event called Take Time to Care, where the employees would provide school supplies for children who were unable to afford them. In addition to the school supply drive itself, the fire department; local police, including mounted officers; and the United Dairy Farmers ice cream truck all participated as well. Casco even went so far as to provide free lunches and haircuts, as well as a great opportunity for local Cub Scout troops to learn about volunteerism. Unfortunately, due to how expensive these events became, Casco can no longer hold them. That said, our desire to help our community still thrives, so we actively look for ways to get involved.

Casco Participates in Red Nose Day

On May 23rd, Casco participated in Red Nose Day, a campaign that we believe truly hits home and speaks to everyone, as its aim is to end child poverty by funding programs that improve children’s safety, health, and education. In order to involve our entire staff, Casco purchased an entire box of red noses and distributed them to the employees, who wore them throughout the day. Additionally, in the spirit of ending child poverty and hunger, Casco collected canned goods and other foodstuffs that we thought children would like – such as instant mac and cheese or Chef Boyardee – and donated them to Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. We at Casco believe that giving back to the community in any way, be it a canned goods or school supply drive will have lasting positive effects on the community at large, as such, we will continue to participate in events such as Red Nose Day whenever we can. Stay tuned for what we do next!