Casco is a leader in made-to-order custom manufacturing. Over the course of numerous decades, Casco has established itself as the go-to soft goods manufacturer for many industries through its emphasis on the customer experience, efficient manufacturing practices and thorough attention to detail. So, when one of our Healthcare Facilities in the Philadelphia area had an OR table that needed a new pad, our people at Casco began searching for a way to help.

We asked our contact at the facility, an OR nurse, to trace the old pad and send it to us. We asked some strategic questions, once we received the old pad, and were able to make a new OR pad that fit the table. The nurse was thrilled with the new OR pad and we were happy to help!

“For a year we looked for a company to make a Dornier lithotripter OR pad without any results. Our Biomed Engineer suggested we contact Casco Manufacturing. We took a template of our old pad for them to provide a quote. Casco was able to provide us with a pad that more then met our needs. After we put it into the OR suite, the staff was delighted to have a new pad with such great quality. I’d highly recommend Casco to hospitals as a solution for any special needs they may have.”

– Dawn P., Philadelphia