Winterizing your outdoor space

Fall is a great time of year for gathering friends for tailgating, outdoor barbecues, backyard bonfires and enjoying the last chance to comfortably hang outdoors before the winter months begin.

Before the weather outside gets frightful, it’s a good idea to have a winterizing plan in place for your outdoor space. You’ve likely invested in your outdoor sanctuary, so it’s important to make sure your valuables survive the inevitable ice, snow and freezing temperatures to come.

If you can store your outdoor items in a shed, garage or basement, that may keep them dry, but will not protect them from sub-zero temperatures. Plus, many of us don’t have the option of a protected area for storage.

You may want to consider purchasing a durable, weather-resistant outdoor cover to protect items in your outdoor space.

Durable outdoor covers can be used to protect your:

  • Outdoor grill
  • Firepit
  • Patio/outdoor furniture
  • Firewood/log rack

Outdoor covers offer the convenience of not needing to move your heavy outdoor furniture or clear a space for it somewhere inside. Also, with a cover made with special types of heavy duty nylon, it can resist cracking and survive temperatures up to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip: Whether you cover or store your outside items for the winter, be sure to wipe them down so they are clean and ready to go in the spring.

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