‘Tis the season for your fireplace

The holiday season is a time for comfort, joy and hot cocoa by the fire. A crackling fireplace is a great way to get cozy and relax during the colder months — and save on your heating bills. Get your fireplace ready for winter with these tips:

  1. Clean and inspect your chimney. Before you use your fireplace this winter, you’ll want to clean it out and inspect the chimney for any damage that may have occurred since last year. It’s a good idea to have this completed by a professional chimney sweep. Also, make sure the top of your chimney has a cap on it to protect it from animals and debris.
  2. Store dry firewood. Everyone knows a successful fire begins with dry firewood — and ideally, it’s wood that has been dry for at least six months. Whether you purchase wood or chop it on your own, keep it dry all year round (and outside and out of the way) with a durable, weather resistant cover. You can purchase our durable log carrier [Link to https://cascomfg.com/product/log-carrier/] to safely carry it indoors and keep small pieces of wood from getting tracked inside the house.
  3. Follow fire safety precautions. Before building a fire, do some research to ensure you are building it properly. Don’t build the fire too big and never use flammables to start the fire. Get a fireplace screen or doors to protect from fire embers. And finally, make sure all fire and carbon monoxide alarms in your house are in working order.

Now grab a book, blanket and cup of tea and get cozy by the fire!

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