When you or your clients partner with Casco Manufacturing Solutions, we will work with you to determine the very best method to create and manufacture your product.

One option is radio frequency (RF) sealing. RF sealing creates a strong bond through a process that changes the molecular structure of the product, thus creating a seam made of an entirely new material. This seam helps prevent contamination or liquids from seeping inside your product.

How Radio Frequency Sealing Works:

During RF sealing, we send a high frequency heat current through two materials and bind them together. (The process is also known as dielectric sealing or welding.)

When is RF Sealing a good option?

Usually, we use radio frequency sealing to manufacture products made with vinyl and polyurethane materials

For example, in manufacturing a mattress for a hospital, care facility or institution, several parts of that mattress can be made with Radio Frequency sealing, including the replaceable mattress cover and the air bladders inside.

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Benefits of RF Sealing

With radio frequency sealing, your mattress does not have needle holes or perforations.

  • The mattress cover is airtight and watertight.
  • Dirt, bacteria and fluids are less likely to enter the mattress interior.
  • Cleaning is easier (Staff can easily spray the mattress with a disinfectant, wipe off, and it’s ready for the next patient.)

RF Sealing – the right manufacturing method for the right product

Casco uses the radio frequency sealing method to manufacture other products too. Using RF sealing, we can also make tarps, tents, grill covers, boat covers, seat cushions, wheelchair covers, and much more.

We’ll gladly recommend the best manufacturing method for your product and your needs. Everything we produce is proudly made in the USA with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

To find out how we can make a high-quality product for you, please contact: Jeff Hummeldorf at jhummeldorf@cascomfg.com or by phone at 513-681-0003.