NAM “Power of Small” Campaign

What a great idea the National Association of Manufacturers has with this new campaign “Power of Small”. When so many companies in the United States are small and when we all want to employee as many Americans as we can, we can use all the help out there. I’m looking forward to learning more. I hope others are too. Take a look.

Today the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is launching an exciting, new campaign called “Power of Small” to tell the story of small and medium-sized manufacturers. The new “Power of Small” webpage will showcase the amazing work of small manufacturers, highlighting our critical contributions to the U.S. economy.

Our success as an industry, and as a country, depends on small manufacturers across the United States, which represent 90 percent of the NAM’s membership.

Visit for more information on the “Power of Small” campaign. Share the link with members of your community as well as manufacturers who don’t yet know what the NAM can do for them.