Learn More About the New Addition to the CASCO Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. Healthcare Sales Team: MedTech/MedCare, LLC

MedTech/MedCare (MTMC) has united with the rest of the CASCO Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. Healthcare Sales team to bring our premier, custom-made products to new heights. MTMC was formed in 2013 with the alignment of two successful medical sales businesses: MedTech and MedCare. MedTech was established in 1984 and offered professional sales representation for healthcare products and medical device companies. MedCare was established in 1980 and provided contract sales for medical manufacturers. MTMC has taken the combination of medical expertise culminated in both groups and has used it to benefit the companies it serves, including CASCO Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., in various states across America:

  • Tim Garner, Jennifer Van, John Sutton, and Lauren Mehl serve the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky regions.
  • Donna Lynch, Dawn Hill, John Pisinski, Rich Hall, and Paul Balsamo serve the New England region.
  • Seth Weed serves the Southern California region.

To learn more about MTMC, visit their webpage: http://medtechmedcare.com/.