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Casco Manufacturing Solutions
-Creates safe, comfortable, durable surfaces for institutions

When you need safe, comfortable mattresses and other fabric based products for the people you serve, we provide them – with exceptional quality and value.

What we do

At Casco, we design and manufacture durable products for respected institutions that serve adults, children and families around the world.

We partner with:

  • Behavioral and correctional facilities
  • Camps
  • Community organizations
  • Homeless shelters
  • Other for-profit and not-for-profit groups

We are:

  • Certified as a woman-owned business and a woman-owned small business
  • Registered with the FDA
  • A member of several group purchasing organizations (GPOs)

What we manufacture

Using heavy duty materials – plus advanced sewing and sealing methods – we make any item that your facility needs, including:

  • Mattresses
  • Bariatric mattresses
  • Mattress covers
  • Clear covers that allow full visibility of mattresses for extra security
  • Cost-saving replacement mattresses and parts
  • Cushions
  • Product covers

Our C-Matt™ Sealed Institutional Mattress is designed for comfort, safety, durability.


The cover features:

  • Medical grade tri-laminate vinyl construction to enhance longevity and help mattress maintain its proper form
  • A patented seal to prevent fluid penetration
  • Waterfall zipper flap keeps foreign objects from entering the core of the mattress
  • Bedbug protection using our select polyurethane and vinyl fabrics that are resistant to bedbugs. Also, seams are sealed, not sewn, which makes it highly unlikely that bedbugs will enter the mattress.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities to help reduce the spread of bacteria and allergens
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Clear or Colored Options (Ocean Blue or Clearsafe, which allows for full visibility of the mattress)
  • Flexibility in an emergency (The sealed, tri-laminate vinyl cover allows the mattress to be placed directly on the ground during emergency situations, without fear of moisture wicking through.)

The foam used in the C-Matt Sealed Institutional mattress features:

  • Choice of core density. We offer an economic densified polyester core or a 1.8 lb. density foam core that enhances comfort and durability. Densified Polyester Core meets Cal 129/Fed 1633 fire standards without optional fire barrier. Foam Core meets Cal 117-2013 fire standard.
  • Optional fire barrier available for foam core. Barrier is in compliance with all state and federal fire safety standards. Meets Cal 129/Fed 1633.
  • Fully reversible foam and densified polyester mattress. Since the mattress has no specific head/foot or top/bottom designations, it can be flipped and turned in any direction to enhance comfort and extend mattress life.
  • Integrated pillow. (Optional)

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Need something custom-made?

If you need another type of product that requires fabric or foam, no problem. We are happy to create custom products that meet your specifications.

Made in America

When your institution places an order with Casco, you get high quality products that are made in the USA.

We use both traditional sewing techniques and high tech sealing methods on our products which includes:

  • Ultrasonic welding (to create a watertight seal)
  • Radiofrequency welding (to create a strong bond and prevent contamination)
  • Computerized fabric cutting (to reduce fabric waste and cost)

Case Study: Casco provides cost-saving solution for homeless shelter


A local homeless shelter needed new mattresses that would be comfortable, safe, bedbug-proof, and easy to clean.


Casco created new mattresses to meet the specific needs of the homeless shelter. For the safety of residents and workers, the mattresses are specially sealed to help prevent bedbugs and fluid penetration. For comfort and efficiency, the mattresses feature an integrated pillow and a durable, easy-to-clean cover. Casco’s institutional mattress will provide a safe, comfortable place for people to rest for many years to come.

“We purchase mattresses from Casco, and they meet all our safety requirements…The value of the product is excellent…You want a company that’s going to address your needs…and one that’s going to deliver you the very best value for your investment. And Casco has done that for us.”

Terry Smith, Operational Supervisor, Talbert House

Watch a video

to see how Casco helped Talbert House work within a budget to provide safe, high quality mattresses for its residents. The Talbert House – a respected, non-profit organization in Cincinnati – serves adults, children and families who have addictions, mental illness or legal troubles.