Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Everything starts with a piece of fabric.
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From basic single-needle to high speed computer-programmable multi-needle. Sergers, bar tackers, automatic box X machines.


Ultrasonic Welding
Uses ultrasonic energy to fuse fabrics. Eliminates sewing holes, solvents and adhesives creating a watertight seal. Moves like a sewing machine making this technology easy to fit into tight spaces.


Radio Frequency Welding
State-of-the-art equipment uses RF energy to fuse fabrics for a strong, fluid, impervious bond. Widely used in healthcare industry to prevent mattress contamination.


Computerized CNC Fabric Cutting
High volume consistency and assisted layout to reduce fabric waste and cost.

We also offer more traditional manufacturing techniques including: upholstery, embossing, silk screening, wood fabrication, in-house tooling and dyes for our manufacturing equipment, simple to complex assembly, packaging and drop shipping.


We’ve served a wide variety of industries: from government contracts to healthcare, from outdoor equipment to equestrian products. Yet some things remain the same for all of them – well-designed products, made in the USA, with impeccable manufacturing standards.


FDA registered

Our products and manufacturing services are registered with the FDA. Our registration number is 1528695. For over 30 years, Casco has been making medical mattresses, stretcher pads, positioning pads, etc. Besides the C-Matt branded products, Casco has also partnered with some of the world’s largest and most respected hospital bed and stretcher companies to fabricate their products as well. Meeting the most stringent specifications makes us who we are.


We take great pride in our work and have over 50 years of honing our craft. We will work with you to create a tailored plan to meet you and your customer’s needs. We routinely perform quality control using Acceptable Quality Level standards including:

Acceptance Sampling
Statistical Quality Control
Detailed Inspection Plans
Continuous Improvement Techniques
Coordination of specialized testing and documentation to meet regulatory standards
Every customer deserves top quality products and processes





One of our Healthcare Facilities in the Philadelphia area had an OR table which was desperate for a new pad. Unfortunately, no one could identify the table, including Casco.




We asked the OR nurse to trace the old pad and send it to us. With that information and some strategic questions, we were able to make the perfect OR table pad. The nurse was thrilled and we were happy to help. Check out the results in these pictures.

“For a year we looked for a company to make a Dornier lithotripter OR pad without any results. Our Biomed Engineer suggested we contact Casco Manufacturing. We took a template of our old pad for them to provide a quote. Casco was able to provide us with a pad that more then met our needs. After we put it into the OR suite, the staff was delighted to have a new pad with such great quality. I’d highly recommend Casco to hospitals as a solution for any special needs they may have.”

Dawn P., Philadelphia


Years ago, when CASCO started making custom grill covers for exclusive grill manufacturers, we realized that there was a large untouched middle market filled with consumers who simply wanted to protect their grill investment. Although the grill didn’t cost thousands like the high-end stainless steel version, it was still a valued investment. We decided to conduct consumer focus groups to identify important cover features. We then incorporated those product ideas and developed a line of universal fit grill covers. These covers do just what you, the consumer, want – they are made of durable materials that won.


We have expanded the line to include fire pit, furniture, and log rack covers. Customers choose CASCO outdoor covers due to the quality craftsmanship and product warranty. With CASCO outdoor covers, the customer knows they will enjoy their outdoor living space for years to come.

“Recently, I bought a new Napoleon gas grill. The cover from my Weber Genesis did not fit. The cover for my Weber is over ten years old and looks like new. It is the Premium Ultra cover with felt inside. The first cover for my grill did not last three years. This Casco cover has lasted at least ten or eleven years. We keep the grill out all winter and grill at least once a week. It is secured on the sides with the attachments and long to prevent air from blowing the cover off. The long life of the cover on the Genesis, inspired me to seek out Casco to get a cover for the new grill. The guts inside the grill wore out before the cover. The old cover went along with the old grill to someone more in need of a grill. The new cover has attachments to secure the cover under the outside shelves. It is heavy to stay secure on the new grill. This is a durable fabric to last year round in all elements. Casco has researched market needs and developed a superior product at a fair cost point. I will recommend Casco to all my friends for their grill covers.”

Joe Briski, Coldwater, OH


Frontgate, a leading catalog company who targets household incomes of $250,000 and above, wanted to have a line of outdoor covers worthy of their top of the line grills, fire pits, fire tables, heaters, etc. They didn’t have to look far.


CASCO Manufacturing Solutions, a woman-owned American company providing jobs in Ohio and located just 45 minutes away, was able to design a custom fit cover for each of their product lines. The covers are made from the high grade materials Frontgate customers are accustomed to.


CASCO Manufacturing Solutions has been certified as a business of a certain status by government organizations or affiliates. CASCO has been certified as a woman owned business entity and woman owned small business by the Ohio River Valley Women.