Judy Bradt, CEO

“Federal buyers who need top quality, mission-critical products when lives are on the line depend on CASCO Solutions. Their federal team has worked to develop the contracting vehicles, technical expertise, and collaborative development skills that government buyers rely on. By working with Summit Insight to build their government business savvy, CASCO has turned that investment into an enduring commitment to provide federal customers with fast, easy ways to get best value products and top notch service.”

US Navy

The US Navy needed a safer way to distribute lithium hydroxide (LiOH) crystals in the event of a submarine power failure. When a sub fails, the air support system may also fail. At the time, their emergency response was to sprinkle LiOH crystals on the floor of the vessel to cleanse the air and provide oxygen (LiOH converts carbon dioxide into oxygen). The crystals themselves are caustic and will burn human skin, so this process was not safe for submarine personnel.