Casco Helps Emergency Department Reduce Risk of Workplace Injuries for Transport Team

Cynthia C., an HCA member from Missouri and current customer, was inquiring regarding an issue her facility’s emergency department transport staff had been experiencing regarding the transfer of patients off of our polyurethane surface.

Shelly Byington with her patient Mary.

How Casco’s Innovative Chair Pad Helped Heal Pressure Injuries for a Wheelchair-Bound Patient

Check out this article from Today’s Wound Clinic featuring our new Casco Prevention Chair Pad!

How an Innovative Chair Pad Helped Heal Pressure Injuries for a Wheelchair-Bound Patient.

Custom Chute for Ice Hopper

Modern Ice, a Cincinnati-based ice equipment merchandiser, was looking for a product that could keep both its employees and consumers safe. The problem that Modern Ice was facing was two-fold: first, if the hopper used to package ice totally filled up, ice could fall on the floor, thus making the floor wet and creating a safety hazard for those packaging the ice. Second, if the hopper was not covered, contaminants could get into it, resulting in contaminated ice that could reach consumers.

Custom Seat Belt Harness System for Horton Emergency Vehicles

Casco worked with the Horton team to identify the appropriate fabric based on their needs, silk-screening, and the development of the final product. As a result, not only was Horton Emergency Vehicles thrilled with the final HOPS product in terms of both quality and safety provided, but also decided to continue to work with Casco for year over year production.

CASCO's Staticare Mattress

CASCO Provides Replacement Mattresses to Texas Medical Facility

Tricia R., a Supply Chain Director at a medical facility in Texas, was in the market for replacement mattresses, as her facility was looking to replace mattresses on a routine basis. After comparing our C-Matt™ StatiCare Mattress with a competitor equivalent, Tricia and her team determined that our product was the better option, both in terms of price and quality. Tricia had this to say about Casco: “I have been a loyal customer since the HealthTrust agreement began…You do great work and we appreciate your partnership to help reduce expense in healthcare.”

Standard Regency Grill Cover

Grill Covers

Years ago, when CASCO started making custom grill covers for exclusive grill manufacturers, we realized that there was a large untouched middle market, filled with consumers who simply wanted to protect their grill investment. Although the grill didn’t cost thousands like the high-end stainless steel version, it was still a valued investment. Customers wanted a cover to protect their grills.

Healthtrust – Memphis Hospital

One of our GPO partners, Healthtrust, acquired a new Hospital in Memphis, TN. The hospital was already in negotiations with a mattress company who was not on the new GPO’s vendor contract list. The Healthtrust account manager called us and asked if we could hold a product review meeting in Memphis over the next couple days. She wanted us to present a mattress we produce that meets the same standards as other mattresses the hospital was currently evaluating.

Casco refreshes old operating table with custom replacement pad

One of our Healthcare Facilities in the Philadelphia area had an OR table which desperately needed a new pad. Unfortunately, no one could identify the table, including Casco.

Community Organization Partnership with Casco Serves Clients

See how Casco helped Talbert House work within a budget to provide safe, high quality mattresses for its residents. The Talbert House – a respected, non-profit organization in Cincinnati – serves adults, children and families who have addictions, mental illness or legal troubles.

Lithium Hydroxide Crystals project with US Navy

The US Navy needed a safer way to distribute lithium hydroxide (LiOH) crystals in the event of a submarine power failure. When a sub fails, the air support system may also fail. At the time, their emergency response was to sprinkle LiOH crystals on the floor of the vessel to cleanse the air and provide oxygen (LiOH converts carbon dioxide into oxygen). The crystals themselves are caustic and will burn human skin, so this process was not safe for submarine personnel.